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While Trashtronautica will always be available for free, we highly encourage an accompanying donation to one or more of these organizations:

Yggdrasil Urban Wildlife Rescue

Footprints Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Great Lakes Pigeon Rescue

Gilbert and Friends Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation

We aren't affiliated with any of these organizations. They're just a few grassroots organizations we believe in that are benefitting urban wildlife. These organizations are often chronically low on funds, so even a few dollars helps support animals in need.  We recommend donating $4-7 to one of these organizations for Trashtronautica, but anything extra goes a long way toward helping. If you feel like you can't donate right now, feel free to grab a copy of the game, but even $1-2 helps.

If you've purchased Trashtronautica through a bundle, you can still donate, but we don't expect you to. Thank you for helping raise awareness for this cause!

Trashtronautica is a light-hearted indie tabletop where you'll take the role of urban animals in space, searching for garbage among the stars. 

  • Play as one of six types of trash-animal, each with their own unique abilities. 
  • Navigate the strangeness of space as creatures looking for food or resources in the form of scrap. 
  • Convert your scrap into funky technologies with dubious scientific understanding. 
  • Deal with strange anomalies and other trashtronauts as you amass your piles of trashy treasures. 
  • Utilize six different skills to explore and succeed in the wild void. 
  • Mix and match Poker-like hands of cards to create varied gameplay, with multiple degrees of failure and success. 

Requires one deck of standard playing cards (including Jokers), and two six-sided dice.

Includes simple character sheets, a collective ship sheet, and rulebook.

Game concept and rules by Moss Powers.
Cover art and formatting by Kaye Mahoney.
Additional art by Carmen Stevens, David TzurNataly Anderson, & Tony Girard 

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
TagsSci-fi, Space, trashcore, Tabletop role-playing game


trashtronica.pdf 11 MB
trashtronautica_sheet.pdf 4 MB

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I’m super excited for this. It looks like it will raise awareness about urban wildlife.